An analysis of the concept of empowerment


  • Christine M Rodwell BSc(Hons) DipNEd DipN RGN

    Corresponding author
    1. Lecturer in Coronary Care Nursing/Health Promotion, Kingston and St George's NHS College of Health Studies, London, England
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Christine M Rodwell 17 Kingsmead South Nutfield, Redhill Surrey HH1 5NN England


This paper is an analysis of the concept of empowerment and its use in nursing practice, education, research and health promotion The paper adopts an eclectic approach to concept analysis, incorporating the methods advocated by Walker & Avant and Rodgers The concept is analysed and a theoretical definition given Defining attributes, related concepts, antecedents and consequences of empowerment are proposed and a model case presented The analysis demonstrates that empowerment is a helping process, a partnership valuing self and others, mutual decision making, and freedom to make choices and accept responsibility Implications for practice conclude the paper