Assessment of pain coping styles: development of an inventory


Carolyn S Crow, The University of Alabama, College of Nursing, Box 870358 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487–0358, USA


The Pain Coping Style Inventory (PCSI) is an instrument designed to measure the pain coping style of individuals It is based on the pain coping model and typology described by Copp A study with a convenience sample of 145 university graduates, undergraduates, and faculty revealed a Cronbach's alpha reliability coefficient of 0 90, adequate stability, and a nine factor analysis solution representing 57% of the variance Four of Copp's five coping styles are clearly defined by the factor analysis interactive, reactive, combatant, and victim Five more coping styles are named contractor, distractor, spiritual coping, substance users, and mind over matter The development and piloting of the PCSI is a step towards empowering the nurse with the ability to provide patients with individualized pain coping strategies