Book review in This Article:

Clinical Nursing Practice m the Community edited by Maria Kenrick & Karen Luker

Nurses and Families A Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention 2nd edn by Lorraine M Wright & Maureen Leahey F A Davis

The Nutrition and Health Dictionary by P J Russel & A Williams Chapman and Hall

Nutrition and Cancer (Fact File number 12) compiled by Judy Buttris

Society and Health An Introduction to Social Science for Health Professionals edited by Graham Moon & Rosemary Gillespie Routledge

Infection Control in Clinical Practice by Jennie Wilson Bailhere Tindall

Growing Old And Needing Care by T Chapman & A Johnson Avebury

Meltzer's Intensive Coronary Care A Manual for Nurses 5th edn by K Dracup

Writing and Getting Published A Primer for Nurses by B Stevens

A Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research 2nd edn by B A Powers & T R Knapp

Health and Culture Beyond the Western Paradigm by Collins O Airhihenbuwa