An assessment form for clinical nursing education: a Delphi study


  • Anna Löfmark PhD RN,

  • Ingrid Thorell-Ekstrand PhD RN

Anna Löfmark, Department of Caring Sciences and Sociology, University of Gävle, S-801 76 Gävle, Sweden.


Aim.  This paper reports a study to develop further the existing assessment form and to capture new aspects of assessment for the nursing profession of the future for inclusion in the form.

Background.  Since nursing education became part of the higher education system, the assessment of clinical periods of the programme has become more complicated and requirements are more demanding. Changes in the health care sector, such as demographic changes and shorter hospitalization, create demands upon the independent nursing role of the future. Many educational documents, such as an assessment form, must continuously be up-dated and adapted to changes in society.

Method.  A Delphi study concerning the content of this assessment form was carried out using two rounds. Through this process, an expert panel gave their opinions about the form and possible changes to it.

Results.  There was general acceptance of the content in the current assessment form. Suggested changes were the addition of two factors concerning collaboration with the family and society, and development of the student's independence. Two new area headings were suggested: one about ability to use the nursing process, and the other about development of a professional stance.

Conclusions.  The suggested changes in the assessment form match expected changes in the health care sector and the demands of an academic nursing education.