Baker J.A., Richards D.A. & Campbell M. (2005) Nursing attitudes towards acute mental health care: development of a measurement tool. Journal of Advanced Nursing49(5), 522–529.

An error was printed in table 2 of the referenced paper. The corrected table is printed below.

Table 2.  Domain scores for the five components identified
SubscaleNo. of itemsTheoretical min.Theoretical max.Observed min.Observed max.MeansdSkewnessKurtosis
  1. ATAMH, Attitudes towards acute mental health.

Care or control12128412 7036·210·00·70·8
Semantic differentials7070 0 6036·69·0−0·63·6
Therapeutic perspective6642 6 3715·45·20·91·8
Hard to help4428 4 2516·64·2−0·40·1
Positive attitudes443111·8 3125·53·6−1·11·4
ATAMH (33)3326255105·3200163·515·8−0·3831·6