Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction


It has become the custom for JAN’s Editor-in-Chief to write an introduction in the first issue of each new calendar year, usually focusing on changes and new initiatives.

JAN goes monthly

As of now, the print version (the paper copy) of Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) will be published monthly rather than bi-monthly. More frequent publishing is no longer necessary now that all JAN papers go online individually as soon as they are ready and in advance of their subsequent pagination for inclusion in a numbered issue of JAN. Each issue of JAN is published both online and in print. So, this is the first of the twelve issues that will be published during 2009. There is no change to the basic format and content of the journal and, importantly, there will be no reduction in the number of JAN papers published over the course of a year, this being in the region of 240–250 original papers plus other articles and features.

Open access articles

There is open access online (i.e. without charge) to the abstracts of all JAN papers. This allows interested readers – and browsers – to see what we are publishing in JAN although they are not paid-up (or institutional) subscribers. During 2009, we are also going to offer open access every month to Editor’s Choice and to the Review Summaries. The one-page Editor’s Choice article that appears at the front of the journal is essentially our editorial and, for each, one member of the editorial teams selects and comments on the paper of their choice. The Review Summaries, prepared for us by staff of the Joanna Briggs Institute in Adelaide (South Australia), provide readers with short, but clear summaries of recently-published systematic reviews on nursing-relevant topics from the Cochrane Library, JBI itself and other evidence review organizations. During 2008, we published a total of 34 Review Summaries and there will be three or four in each monthly issue of JAN throughout 2009. We hope that making these available as open access articles will encourage practising nurses and midwives to take advantage of this evidence-update service provided through JAN.

JAN’s impact factor is up

The most recent release from ISI of journal impact factors and rankings came out in the middle of last year (June 2008). JAN’s impact factor has gone up to 1·442 from 1·342 the previous year. This pushes JAN’s ranking up from 8th place to 4th place among the 40 or so nursing journals that are included in the ISI list. This is very good news although it is important that we do not read too much into it because impact factor is not a particularly robust bibliometric, at least not yet, for our discipline. What is extremely pleasing, however, is the ongoing year-on-year increase in the actual number of citations – a total of 7836 in the 2008 listing – making JAN the most frequently-cited nursing journal in the world.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to JAN’s continuing success and growing reputation worldwide.