TEMPtEd: development and psychometric properties of a tool to evaluate material used in patient education


L.H. Clayton: e-mail: lclayton@shepherd.edu


Title. TEMPtEd: development and psychometric properties of a tool to evaluate material used in patient education.

Aim.  This paper describes the development and psychometric properties of a Tool to Evaluate Materials Used in Patient Education (TEMPtEd), which was designed to assist healthcare professionals to evaluate and select printed patient educational materials for their clients.

Background.  Previously-developed instruments include attribute checklists, readability formulae and rating scales, but they have not been shown to be valid or reliable. The TEMPtEd is an attempt to overcome the limitations of previously developed instruments.

Method. The instrument was developed using Strickland’s framework, with pilot testing conducted from 2004 to 2007.

Results.  The overall ratings of a heart failure educational brochure between the TEMPtEd and the Suitability Assessment of Materials, a previously developed instrument, were not statistically significantly different. Statistically significant correlations were noted between the two instruments in the overall scale and four of the five subscales. The internal consistency of the TEMPtEd was 0·68; however, a reduction in the number of rating scale options resulted in an internal consistency of 0·83–0·84. Exploratory factor analysis identified a six-factor solution and accounted for 74% of the variance. Study participants preferred the TEMPtEd.

Conclusion.  As a result of psychometric testing, the TEMPtEd appears to be a promising instrument for the evaluation of patient educational material.