Managerial coaching: a concept analysis


  • Vicki D. Batson,

    1. Vicki D. Batson MSN RN NEA-BC
      Clinical Nursing Supervisor
      Operating Room, Seton Medical Center, Austin, Texas, USA,
      Doctoral Student,
      The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, Round Rock, Texas, USA
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  • Linda H. Yoder

    1. Linda H. Yoder MBA PhD RN
      Associate Professor and
      Nursing Administration and Health Care Systems Management, The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, Austin, Texas, USA
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V.D. Batson:


batson v.d. & yoder l.h. (2012) Managerial coaching: a concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing68(7), 1658–1669.


Aim.  This article presents a report of a concept analysis of managerial coaching.

Backgound.  Managerial coaching has been identified as a means for managers to give support to staff nurses, however, no clear delineation of what behaviours and attributes constitute managerial coaching or differentiate it from other career development relationships is provided in the current nursing literature.

Data sources.  The CINAHL, ProQuest, Business Source Complete and PscyhIFNO databases were searched for articles published between 1980–2009 using the keywords coaching, managerial coaching, nurse manager support, nursing leadership, self-efficacy, work environment and empowerment.

Review methods.  A hybrid approach was used, incorporating both Walker and Avant’s method of concept analysis and King’s conceptual system and Theory of Goal Attainment to explore the meaning of managerial coaching. Inclusive years of search ranged from 1980–2009.

Findings.  Managerial coaching is a specific dyadic relationship between the nurse manager and staff nurse intended to improve skills and knowledge as they relate to expected job performance. Antecedents and consequences are categorized at the individual and organizational level. Defining attributes, empirical referents and a model case are presented.

Conclusion.  The theoretical definition for this concept helps to differentiate it from other types of career development relationships and will give a basis for nurse managers to understand what skills and attributes are necessary to establish an effective managerial coaching relationship with staff nurses. Conceptualization will also assist in developing empirical studies examining managerial coaching behaviours in the work environment.