• competency evaluation;
  • educational interventions;
  • gastroscopy nursing instruction;
  • multimedia teaching CD-ROM;
  • pocket booklet

Kao S.-H., Hsu L.-L., Hsieh S.-I. & Huang T.-H. (2013) The effects of two educational interventions on knowledge and competence of nurses with regard to conveying gastroscopy-related information to patients. Journal of Advanced Nursing 69(4), 793–804. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2012.06062.x


Aim.  The study was to compare the effects of two different educational interventions on knowledge and competence of nurses regarding conveying gastroscopy-related information to patients.

Background.  Nurses play an important role in helping patients undergo gastroscopy and must be familiar with the procedure to provide related patient education.

Design.  A quasi-experimental study.

Methods.  This study in 2010 involved a pre-test and two post-tests. The experimental group (= 25) received a multimedia CD-ROM, and the comparator group (= 40) received a pocket booklet. The effects of the two educational interventions were measured using the Knowledge Test Gastroscopy Nursing Instruction Scale, the Self-Evaluation Gastroscopy Nursing Instruction Scale, and the Gastroscopy Nursing Instruction Learning Satisfaction Scale.

Results.  No overall significant difference in knowledge scores between the two groups was found, but subsequent post hoc analysis showed significantly higher scores in the experimental group than in the comparator group at week 6. A significant within-subjects effect of the self-evaluation gastroscopy nursing instruction scores from baseline–week 6 was dependent on the experimental group or the comparator group. There were significant between-subjects effects overall, at week 3 and at week 6.

Conclusion.  Both educational interventions improved nurses’ knowledge and competence in gastroscopy-related information. However, the CD-ROM-based intervention had long-term effects on knowledge and had short-term and long-term effects on competence.