Appendix S2. Client body size, geographic distribution, and classification in terms of taxonomy, trophic category, social behavior, and mobility.

Appendix S3. Number of cleaner and client species and sources of data at each site.

Appendix S4. Relationship between body size measures obtained in the field and maximum body size from the literature.

Appendix S5. Pearson?s correlation coefficients calculated for metaanalysis shown in Figs. 2 to 4.

Appendix S6. Multiple linear regression analyses estimating regression parameters for each of two groups of each categorical variable. Abundance and body size were continuous variables.

Appendix S7. Analysis of relationship between body size and abundance for the eight sites.

Appendix S8. Results of fixedeffects nested ANOVA to evaluate of phylogenetic independence of frequency of cleaning interactions of a given cleaner species with its clients.

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