Supplement S1. Maximum-likelihood phylogeny of antbird (Thamnophilidae) species employed for analyses of phylogenetic structure and trait evolution in Newick format.

Table S1. List of species used to reconstruct the phylogenetic hypothesis used for all the analyses, including information of genes used, tissue collection catalogue numbers, and Genbank accession numbers.

Table S2. Results of the analysis of phylogenetic structure based on the Phylogenetic Species Variability (PSV) index. Results are similar to those of other analyses but power is reduced.

Table S3. Results of anovas showing that intraspecific variation in morphology is significantly lower than interspecific variation, which validates the use of a single individual per species in analyses.

Table S4. Loadings for each of the principal components used for trait analyses.

Table S5. Results of anovas showing no differences between random and observed mean values of phylogenetic beta and beta diversity indices within each area of endemism.

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