Appendix S1. Complementary analyses excluding sites discovered after 1979.

Fig. S1. The distribution of breeding territories in the river system of Lyngdalselva, Vest-Agder county, in southern Norway. The total number of available breeding territories is 159 and is marked with dots. Numbered black dots represent the locations of the three meteorological stations which provided temperature and precipitation data. 1 represents Konsmo-Eikeland (1978–1989), 2 Konsmo-Hægeland (1990), and 3 Konsmo-Høyland (1993–2008).

Table S1. Contribution (proportions of explained variance in the response variable) of the explanatory variables for each partial least squares regression (PLS) component, C1–C5, with respect to breeding population growth after population size the previous year in Lyngdalsvassdraget (1978–2008) was accounted for. The total proportion of variation explained by the PLS regression model is 0.751, whereof the first five components listed below explained 0.749.

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