Fig. S1. Boxplots illustrating the interquartile range and median of the dispersal data for each patch of the first replicate from the resource treatments; (a) homogeneity, (b) spatial heterogeneity, (c) temporal heterogeneity, (d) spatio-temporal heterogeneity. The variation in dispersal between patches is greatest in the metapopulations with spatial and spatio-temporal heterogeneity. This was associated with the nonuniform distribution of resources in these cases.

Table S1. List of the models which were fit to the local time series data. Here, r is the intrinsic rate of growth in the population, d is the intrinsic rate of decline in the population, μ is the density-independent emigration rate, a and b describe the strength of density dependence acting on births, deaths and dispersal and λ is the number of immigrants per time step. Akaike Information Criteria differences and weights (bold) are listed for each model, and the best-fit models for each treatment are highlighted.

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