Fig. S1. Ambient and warmed mesocosm water temperatures. Standard deviations are shown in grey. The difference in temperature between the two treatments is shown in blue. N = 20 for both treatments.

Fig. S2. Shannon diversity and taxon richness in dispersal treatment inocula over the three treatment dates.

Fig. S3. Total chlorophyll concentrations from June 17 (Pre Treatment) (a), July 9 (b), July 15 (c), August 11 (d), August 26 (e), and September 9 (f). N = 5 for each treatment combination.

Table S1. A list of taxa present in the local and regional species pools used in the experiment. The regional list contains taxa found in samples of the dispersal treatment inocula that were not present in the local community. However, most of the local taxa were also present in the dispersal inocula.

Table S2. Results of anova tests for all measured variables. Significant results are in bold. α = 0·05 for zooplankton diversity, richness, taxa, and community, and total chlorophyll α = 0·01 for ecosystem function rates (Bonferroni corrected).

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