Andersen, M.K., Hauggaard-Nielsen, H., Weiner, J. & Jensen, E.S. (2007) Competitive dynamics in two- and three-component intercrops. Journal of Applied Ecology, 44, 545–551.

There was an error in equation 6 and the following sentence, and in Table 4.

Table 4.  Partial LER values of the component crop (P: pea; B: barley; R: rape) dry matter yields at final harvest for the triple intercrop (PBR). Calculations were based on equations 5 and 6, using sole crop (SC) and dual intercrop (IC) yields as reference, respectively. Values are means (n = 4) ± SE
 Partial LER values of the triple IC
Calculations based on SC yields
 P SC0.28 (± 0.01)  
 B SC 0.73 (± 0.07) 
 R SC  0.26 (± 0.02)
Calculations based on dual IC yields
 PB IC0.34 (± 0.04)0.53 (± 0.03) 
 PR IC0.28 (± 0.04) 0.17 (± 0.03)
 BR IC 0.38 (± 0.03)0.57 (± 0.19)

Eqn 6 should be

Li(ijk)=Yi(ijk)/(Yi(ij) * 2)

The factor of 2 in the denominator in equation 6 ensures comparability to the values calculated in equation 5.

We thank Kae Miyazawa for pointing this out to us.

Jacob Weiner, Department of Agriculture and Ecology, University of Copenhagen.

Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen and Erik Steen Jensen, Technical University of Denmark.