Table S1. Summary of main landscape classes and primary data sources; IKONOS – raster-based multispectral data derived from satellite data collected in late August 2007; MasterMap – vector-based information derived from published Ordnance Survey 1:1250 high resolution digital data.

Fig. S1. The sample sites marked on a classified map of the study area, created using IKONOS satellite imagery (4 m multispectral and 1 m panchromatic) and Ordnance Survey MasterMap topographic layer.

Fig. S2. Correlation coefficients of linear regressions between land cover and nest number in early samples (A: B. lapidarius; B: B. pascuorum), nest number in late samples (C: B. lapidarius; D: B. pascuorum) and nest survival (E: B. lapidarius; F: B. pascuorum) for different radii.

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