Appendix S1. Details of methods, soil and nutrient solution composition, and references used for species selection.

Appendix S2. Contrasts, species, invasive status (based on number of invasive reports; see footnote), year grown, relative growth rate (RGR) for the 10-20 day interval, RGR and net assimilation rate (NAR) for the 10-30 day interval, leaf area ratio (LAR), leaf mass ratio (LMR), and specific leaf area (SLA) at 30 days after emergence, and mean seed mass. All growth analysis components are means +/- SE (standard error). Invasive species are in bold.

Appendix S3. Phylogeny of species analysed using the program CAIC (Purvis & Rambaut 1995). Branch lengths are set as equal. Relative invasiveness of species within a contrast are designated as “+” (more invasive) and “–” (less invasive). This phylogeny is based on the most recent angiosperm phylogeny (APG III 2009) with further resolution from the Tree of Life website (Maddison & Schulz 2007 and pages therein).

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