Figure S1. Mean number of parasitoid species attacking biocontrol agents in the native range according to (a) life-style category and (b) taxon (order), calculated from the dataset of 42 arthropod species for which parasitism data were available.

Table S1. Dispersal and ecological characteristics of invertebrate weed biological control agents.

Table S2. Dispersal and estimated number of generations of pathogens used in weed biocontrol programmes.

Table S3. Analysis of variance for the ‘best’ model for the complete dataset of 66 arthropod agents.

Table S4. Parameter estimates for best models for the datasets of 66, 56 and 42 arthropod agents (Models a1, b1 and c1, respectively; see Table 1). Worked examples of how predicted dispersal rates were calculated are given immediately after Table S4.

Table S5. Published dispersal rates of weeds in relation to their biocontrol agents.

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