Fig. S1. Spatial restrictions used in the management scenarios. Information on specific spatial restrictions is found in Table S7.

Table S1. Functional groups used in the Atlantis model.

Table S2. Fishery fleets for Atlantis model. Number of functional groups targeted out of 61 in the model.

Table S3. Non-spatial regulations assumed followed under the status quo scenario.

Table S4. Catch by functional group used as baseline (status quo) summed across fleets.

Table S5. Catch per fleet under status quo (average of 2000–2007).

Table S6. Citations and assumptions referred to in Table S5.

Table S7. Spatial management of fishing areas in the northern Gulf of California used in the spatial management scenario; DOF date (Diario Oficial de la Federación) indicates publication in the official registry.

Table S8. Regulations used in gear restrictions scenario.

Table S9. Regulations used in seasonal closures scenario.

Table S10. Prices by functional group in USD.

Appendix S1. Additional information on scenario parameterization.

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