Fig. S1. Schematic diagram of the interface between Vortex and Outbreak programs as controlled by MetaModel Manager.

Fig. S2. Deterministic stable-stage distribution for buffalo from a tuberculosis prevalence model run in Vortex only.

Fig. S3. Mean progression of tuberculosis and estimated population size of free-ranging swamp buffalo.

Fig. S4. Predicted reduction in tuberculosis prevalence at various proportional culling rates.

Fig. S5. Reduction in tuberculosis infection rates in domestic and free-ranging cattle and buffalo during the Australian Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Campaign.

Fig. S6. Disease-prevalence comparison between the fully MetaModel Manager-coupled Vortex-Outbreak model and a demographically simplified Outbreak-only model.

Appendix S1. Supporting Methods (software information, disease parameters for Outbreak, deterministic Reed-Frost model, demographic parameters for Vortex).

Appendix S2. Example Vortex, Outbreak and MetaModel Manager computer code.

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