Table S1 Mean values (±SE) and ranges of latitude, annual nitrogen input, landscape metrics (size of focal fields, and length of semi-natural boundaries and percentage of non-productive land-uses in 500-m radius buffers around focal fields) and species richness of studied taxa (birds, plants, spiders and bees) in each country.

Table S2 Results of generalized mixed effect models (Poisson distribution, log-link function) testing for the effects of latitude, annual nitrogen input per field, field management intensity, farmland type (grassland vs. arable fields) and landscape metrics (size of focal fields, and length of boundaries with semi-natural vegetation and proportion of non-productive land-uses in 500 m-radius buffers around focal fields) on field-scale species richness of birds in focal fields (for arable fields) and 12.5 ha plots (for grasslands), plants, spiders and bees. Field pairs nested within regions, nested within countries (country/region/pair) were included as random factor and management intensity (extensive vs. intensive grazing in Hungary and application or not of AES in the remaining countries) as nested factor within field pairs. Interactions of farmland type with local management intensity and landscape metrics, as well as between local management intensity and landscape metrics, were included in models to account for different effects of these variables depending on farmland type and local management intensity. Z-test statistic is given for each explanatory parameter. n=112 for birds, bees and spiders and 110 for plants in arable fields. n=120 for bees and plants, 118 for birds and 108 for spiders in grasslands. Boldface indicates significant effects (****P<0.001; ***P<0.01; **P<0.05) and italics marginally significant effects (*P<0.10).

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