The evolving role of the clinical nurse specialist within the comprehensive breast cancer centre


  • KAREN POOLE BN (Hons)(Wales), RN

    Corresponding author
    1. First year doctoral student at University of Wales College of Medicine, and part-time staff nurse on a surgical ward at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK
      30 Flaxland Avenue, Gabalfa, Cardiff CF4 3NT, UK
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30 Flaxland Avenue, Gabalfa, Cardiff CF4 3NT, UK


  • The collaborative functioning of a specialist multidisciplinary team is a fundamental prerequisite in the establishment of designated breast cancer units throughout the UK. It is, therefore, opportune for clinical nurse specialists to examine carefully their unique contribution to the care of women with breast disease.
  • This article explores the contemporary developments in service provision and identifies potential areas for nursing development.
  • It is only when the role of the breast care nurse is explicitly defined can research begin to determine the effectiveness of nursing practice in terms of women's health.