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Beyond ‘person-centred’ care: a new vision for gerontological nursing


  • Mike R. Nolan PhD, MA, MSc, RN,

  • Sue Davies PhD, MSc, BSc, RGN, RUV,

  • Jayne Brown M. MedSci, DipEd, RGN,

  • John Keady PhD, RMN,

  • Janet Nolan MEd, BA, RGN, RUV

Professor M.R. Nolan
The University of Sheffield
Department of Community, Ageing, Rehabilitation, Education and Research (CARER)
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Samuel Fox House
Northern General Hospital
Herries Road, Sheffield S5 7AU
Telephone: 0144 226 6849


Currently considerable emphasis is placed on the promotion of person-centred care, which has become a watchword for good practice. This paper takes a constructively critical look at some of the assumptions underpinning person-centredness, and suggests that a relationship-centred approach to care might be more appropriate. A framework describing the potential dimensions of relationship-centred care is provided, and implications for further development are considered.