The published article is the last in a series of eight articles describing children's and parents’ needs and participating in decisions during a child's hospitalization. Six of those articles are based on empirical studies and two of them are based on literature reviews aiming at getting a broad overview over the concepts ‘need’ and ‘decision-making’. Three of the articles are together with two other articles and a theoretical framework included in a doctoral thesis, and is presented in a book Children's participation in decisions in health care by Ingrid Runeson and colleagues (Medical Faculty, Lund University, Sweden 2002, ISBN 91-628-5376-7) (Runeson et al. 2002). One manuscript is, along with eight other manuscripts, to be included in a book describing the concept of needs of closely related when a person gets ill. The other articles are published as separate articles, the most common way of presenting research results at our faculty.

When submitting a comprehensive investigation to be published in a journal, there has to be a balance in presenting the results as clearly and informatively as possible and at the same time in a format acceptable by the editor. Therefore it was not possible, in our case, to include and describe all the 218 observed situations, thus examples of the different situations were given. We hope that readers will be encouraged to read the other articles we refer to for a more comprehensive view (Hallström & Runeson 2001, Runeson et al. 2001, Hallström et al. 2002a, 2002b).


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