Editorial note


JCN is moving, with immediate effect, to an exclusively online submission and review procedure for all manuscripts. This will be achieved using the Manuscript Central system and all transactions can be carried out via http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jcnur. The new system will facilitate rapid and convenient submission for authors and reduce the time taken for review and decisions on manuscripts.

Authors are guided through the process of submission by a series of prompts in the Manuscript Central system, and little preparation on behalf of the person submitting a manuscript is required. The basic requirement is that you have your manuscript prepared in an electronic format with all the tables, references, figures and appendices in a single document. The process of reviewing remains anonymous and you are requested to prepare a version of your document without any identifying features. Authors will be prompted to submit all their details such as names, qualifications, affiliations prior to uploading the manuscript.

Upon submission, the submitting author will receive an immediate notification by email that their submission has been successful and this will also provide a unique identifier for the manuscript that should be stored safely for future correspondence. All correspondence will be by e-mail and the reviewers’ comments will be available online. Authors will be able to resubmit manuscripts for review online and make any responses to the reviewers’ comments and any other comments to the editor. In addition, authors will be able to check the status of their manuscript by logging onto the Manuscript Central system.

Peer-reviewers will be issued with instructions on how to access manuscripts they have been asked to review and all correspondence with them will be carried out by e-mail.

Full online support is provided for authors and reviewers by clicking on the ‘Get Help Now’ icon, which appears on every page of the website. In addition, queries can be e-mailed to support@scholarone.com or through the US ScholarOne support office between 08:00 and 22:30 GMT on: +1 434 817 2040, ext 167. Further guidance is available in the journal under Guidelines for Authors at the back of each issue and on the journal webpage http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/jcn. If authors have any other problems with online submission they can contact the Editorial Office on +44 (0)1865 6519 or by e-mail to jcn@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com.

We hope that authors find the new system helpful and we will welcome any feedback on the new system that will help us to improve it.