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Ageing, care dependency, and care for older people in Egypt: a review of the literature


  • Thomas Boggatz MA, RN,

  • Theo Dassen PhD, RN, FEANS

Thomas Boggatz
c/o Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Medizin-/Pflegepädagogik und Pflegewissenschaft
Schumannstr. 20/21
10117 Berlin
Telephone: +2 010 3717286


Aims.  The purpose of this study was to gain an overview of the current situation of ageing and elderly care in Egypt and to consider the ensuing socio-economical problems, which provide the framework for the provision of care.

Background.  Recent discussions about demographic transition in developing countries suggest a change in their age group composition. Possible implications of this development for nursing care require closer examination.

Method.  Literature about ageing and elderly care in Egypt of the period from 1980–2004 was researched and reviewed.

Results.  Despite the scarcity of literature and the lack of precision in many cases, it is possible to outline an overall development. Ageing is a slowly emerging phenomenon in Egypt contributing to a change in the country's age group composition. The ensuing care dependency appears to become a problem especially for lower and middle class members due to economical restrictions and life-style changes. In relation to the need, there is a shortage of care-providing institutions. Furthermore, geriatric homes seem to differ in their quality according to the residents’ social status.

Conclusion.  The existing types of geriatric homes will serve as prototypes for future development. There is however, a need for additional homecare services to reduce care givers’ strain in the families.