Short profile: Reiko Ueda

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Reiko Ueda, RN, MLitt DMSci, President and Professor in Child Health Nursing, Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing.

I have been engaged in a longitudinal study of human development in three different regions in Japan since 1970. Early identification of risk in children and families for intervention have been investigated by creating culturally sensitive measurement, analysis and evaluation.


R. Ueda, Dynamics of Human Development – A Comparative-Longitudinal Study in Three Different Districts in Japan. Taga Syuppan, Tokyo, 1996.

R. Ueda, J. Okamura, Simplified Japanese Self-Perception Scale for Young Adults (SJS-PSYA) to Identify Risk Cases. Blackwell Science Ltd, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 33(5), 644–651, 2001.

Present Professional Organizations:

2004 Reviewer, International Journal of Problem-Based Learning; 2004 Reviewer, Journal of Advanced Nursing; 2004 Evaluator, Current Educational Needs and Support Program, Ministry of Education of Japan.