In Nathan & Casagrandi (2004) Table 1 contained a number of errors. This table is reproduced in its entirety below.

Table 1. Summary of quantities, axes of variation and suggested empirical methods to estimate different parameters of the model
ParametersQuantityVaries withSuggested empirical methods
D, αSeed density (φ)DistanceField observations (e.g. seed traps)
µSeed mortality not associated with predation (ω)DistanceField experiments (e.g. seed trays protected from predation)
q, βPredator density (N)DistanceField observations (censuses, soil samples, abundance estimators)
a, ThSeed intake rate (ψ)Seed densityField and laboratory experiments (manipulating seed densities)
Seed probability toescape predation ()DistanceField observations and experiments (seed trays; mortality agents other than seed predators should be controlled)
Density of seeds available for germination ()DistanceField observations and experiments (seed bank samples)