Volume 96 Number 1 January 2008

1Journal of Ecology News
 barney davies, michael hutchings, david gibson and richard bardgett
Future Directions
 mike hutchings, david gibson, richard bardgett and barney davies
8Linking ecological and built components of urban mosaics: an open cycle of ecological design
 s. t. a. pickett and m. l. cadenasso
13A new framework for predicting invasive plant species
 angela t. moles, monica a. m. gruber and stephen p. bonser
Essay Reviews
18Facilitation in plant communities: the past, the present, and the future
 rob w. brooker, fernando t. maestre, ragan m. callaway, christopher l. lortie, lohengrin a. cavieres, georges kunstler, pierre liancourt, katja tielbörger, justin m. j. travis, fabien anthelme, cristina armas, lluis coll, emmanuel corcket, sylvain delzon, estelle forey, zaal kikvidze, johan olofsson, francisco pugnaire, constanza l. quiroz, patrick saccone, katja schiffers, merav seifan, blaise touzard and richard michalet
35Atmosphere, ecology and evolution: what drove the Miocene expansion of C4 grasslands?
 colin p. osborne
Biological invasions
46Is invasiveness a legacy of evolution? Phylogenetic patterns in the alien flora of Mediterranean islands
 philip w. lambdon
58Exotic invasive plant accumulates native soil pathogens which inhibit native plants
 seema mangla, inderjit and ragan m. callaway
68Short- and long-term effects of disturbance and propagule pressure on a biological invasion
 kevin h. britton-simmons and karen c. abbott
78Neighbourhood models of the effects of the invasive Acer platanoides on tree seedling dynamics: linking impacts on communities and ecosystems
 lorena gómez-aparicio, charles d. canham and patrick h. martin
91Landscape configuration and ood frequency influence invasive shrubs in floodplain forests of the Wisconsin River (USA)
 katharine i. predick and monica g. turner
Plant–herbivore interactions: individuals, communities and landscapes
103Canopy cover mediates interactions between a specialist caterpillar and seedlings of a neotropical tree
 julian m. norghauer, jay r. malcolm and barbara l. zimmerman
114Recruitment limitation modifies the net effects of shared enemies on competitively inferior plants
 donald r. schoolmaster jr
122Damage and shade enhance climbing and promote associational resistance in a climbing plant
 marcia gonzález-teuber and ernesto gianoli
127Divergence and diversity in the defensive ecology of Inga at two Neotropical sites
 tania brenes-arguedas, phyllis d. coley and thomas a. kursar
136Acceleration of vegetation turnover and element cycling by mammalian herbivory in riparian ecosystems
 lem g. butler and knut kielland
145Threshold changes in vegetation along a grazing gradient in Mongolian rangelands
 takehiro sasaki, tomoo okayasu, undarmaa jamsran and kazuhiko takeuchi
155Herbivore and neighbour effects on tundra plants depend on species identity, nutrient availability and local environmental conditions
 anu eskelinen
166Interactions between marsh plant species vary in direction and strength depending on environmental and consumer context
 caitlin mullan crain
Forest dynamics
174Predicting tree mortality from growth data: how virtual ecologists can help real ecologists
 jan wunder, björn reineking, christof bigler and harald bugmann
188The leaf mass/number trade-off of Kleiman and Aarssen implies constancy of leaf biomass, its density and carbon uptake in forest stands: scaling up from shoot to stand level
 kazuharu ogawa
192Interspecific demographic trade-offs and soil-related habitat associations of tree species along resource gradients
 sabrina e. russo, patrick brown, sylvester tan and stuart j. davies
Plant traits and plant–environment interactions
204Dispersion of traits related to competitive ability in an old-field plant community
 brandon s. schamp, joyce chau and lonnie w. aarssen
213Prey availability directly affects physiology, growth, nutrient allocation and scaling relationships among leaf traits in 10 carnivorous plant species
 elizabeth j. farnsworth and aaron m. ellison
222Stress-induced dynamic adjustments of reproduction differentially affect fitness components of a semi-arid plant
 cristina f. aragón, adrián escudero and fernando valladares

Volume 96 Number 2 March 2008

Vegetation dynamics and ecosystem development
231The spatiotemporal dynamics of a primary succession
 n. a. cutler, l. r. belyea and a. j. dugmore
247Exploring climatic and biotic controls on Holocene vegetation change in Fennoscandia
 paul a. miller, thomas giesecke, thomas hickler, richard h. w. bradshaw, benjamin smith, heikki seppä, paul j. valdes and martin t. sykes
260100 years of vegetation decline and recovery in Lake Fure, Denmark
 kaj sand-jensen, niels lagergaard pedersen, inge thorsgaard, bjarne moeslund, jens boru and klaus peter brodersen
272Grass and oak litter exert different effects on seedling emergence of herbaceous perennials from grasslands and woodlands
 tobias w. donath and r. lutz eckstein
281Growth and wood density predict tree mortality in Amazon forests
 kuo-jung chao, oliver l. phillips, emanuel gloor, abel monteagudo, armando torres-lezama and rodolfo vásquez martínez
293Invasive Acer platanoides inhibits native sapling growth in forest understorey communities
 shannon l. galbraith-kent and steven n. handel
Biodiversity and ecosystem function
303Consequences of non-random species loss for decomposition dynamics: experimental evidence for additive and non-additive effects
 becky a. ball, mark d. hunter, john s. kominoski, christopher m. swan and mark a. bradford
314Plant functional composition influences rates of soil carbon and nitrogen accumulation
 d. a. fornara and d. tilman
Pland population dynamics
323Effects of plant abundance on reproductive success in the biennial Sabatia angularis (Gentianaceae): spatial scale matters
 rachel b. spigler and shu-mei chang
334Spatio-temporal variation in fruit production and seed predation in a perennial herb influenced by habitat quality and population size
 jon ågren, johan ehrlén and christer solbreck
Plant–environment interactions
346Climatic variability alters the outcome of long-term community assembly
 andrew s. macdougall, scott d. wilson and jonathan d. bakker
355Impact of abundance weighting on the response of seed traits to climate and land use
 robin j. pakeman, eric garnier, sandra lavorel, pauline ansquer, helena castro, pablo cruz, jiri doležal, ove eriksson, helena freitas, carly golodets, jaime kigel, michael kleyer, jan lepš, tonia meier, maria papadimitriou, vasilios p. papanastasis, helen quested, fabien quétier, graciela rusch, marcelo sternberg, jean-pierre theau, aurélie thébault and denis vile
367Differences in the degree of environmental control on large and small tropical plants: just a sampling effect?
 mirkka m. jones,hanna tuomisto and paulo c. olivas
378Somatic mutation and the Antarctic ozone hole
 laurence j. clarke, david j. ayre and sharon a. robinson
Biological Flora of the British Isles
386Biological Flora of the British Isles: Mercurialis perennis L.
 richard g. jefferson

Volume 95 Number 3 May 2007

Below-ground ecology
413Pulse dynamics and microbial processes in aridland ecosystems
 scott l. collins, robert l. sinsabaugh, chelsea crenshaw, laura green, andrea porras-alfaro, martina stursova and lydia h. zeglin
421Carbon flux from plants to soil: roots are a below-ground source of phenolic secondary compounds in an alpine ecosystem
 courtney l. meier, katharine n. suding and william d. bowman
431Mycorrhizal fungi determine salt-marsh plant zonation depending on nutrient supply
 pedro daleo, juan alberti, alejandro canepuccia, mauricio escapa, eugenia fanjul, brian r. silliman, mark d. bertness and oscar iribarne
438Games roots play: effects of soil volume and nutrients
 erin e. o’brien and joel s. brown
Invasive species
447Neighbourhood analyses of the allelopathic effects of the invasive tree Ailanthus altissima in temperate forests
 lorena gómez-aparicio and charles d. canham
459The presence of a showy invasive plant disrupts pollinator service and reproductive output in native alpine species only at high densities
 alejandro a. muñoz and lohengrin a. cavieres
468Increased fitness and plasticity of an invasive species in its introduced range: a study using Senecio pterophorus
 l. caño, j. escarré, i. fleck, j. m. blanco-moreno and f. x. sans
Plant distributions and community interactions
477Complementary nitrogen use among potentially dominant species in a biodiversity experiment varies between two years
 christiane roscher, susanne thein, bernhard schmid and michael scherer-lorenzen
489Temporal shifts from facilitation to competition occur between closely related taxa
 alfonso valiente-banuet and miguel verdú
495Maximum size distributions in tropical forest communities: relationships with rainfall and disturbance
 lourens poorter, william hawthorne, frans bongers and douglas sheil
505Survival of tree seedlings on different species of decaying wood maintains tree distribution in Michigan hemlock–hardwood forests
 laura marx and michael b. walters
Plant–environment interactions and climate change
514Using rainout shelters to evaluate climate change effects on the demography of Cryptantha flava
 richard w. lucas, irwin n. forseth and brenda b. casper
523Long-term change in the phenology of spring phytoplankton: species-specific responses to nutrient enrichment and climatic change
 s. j. thackeray, i. d. jones and s. c. maberly
536Natural selection on and predicted responses of ecophysiological traits of swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)
 anurag a. agrawal, alexis c. erwin and susan c. cook
543Burning seeds: germinative response to heat treatments in relation to resprouting ability
 s. paula and j. g. pausas
553Propagule deposition along river margins: linking hydrology and ecology
 angela gurnell, ken thompson, joanne goodson and helen moggridge

Volume 96 Number 4 July 2008

567Editorial: Plant dispersal across multiple scales: linking models and reality
 james m. bullock and ran nathan
569Effects of canopy heterogeneity, seed abscission and inertia on wind-driven dispersal kernels of tree seeds
 gil bohrer, gabriel g. katul, ran nathan, robert l. walko and roni avissar
581Non-random seed abscission, long-distance wind dispersal and plant migration rates
 merel b. soons and james m. bullock
591The effect of collisions with vegetation elements on the dispersal of winged and plumed seeds
 e. pounden, d. f. greene, m. quesada and j. m. contreras sánchez
599Modelling long-distance seed dispersal in heterogeneous landscapes
 douglas j. levey, joshua j. tewksbury and benjamin m. bolker
609Inequalities in fruit-removal and seed dispersal: consequences of bird behaviour, neighbourhood density and landscape aggregation
 tomás a. carlo and juan m. morales
619Small seed size increases the potential for dispersal of wetland plants by ducks
 merel b. soons, cornelis van der vlugt, bart van lith, gerrit w. heil and marcel klaassen
628Plant fecundity and seed dispersal in spatially heterogeneous environments: models, mechanisms and estimation
 frank m. schurr, ofer steinitz and ran nathan
642Measuring long-distance seed dispersal in complex natural environments: an evaluation and integration of classical and genetic methods
 f. andy jones and helen c. muller-landau
653Interspecific variation in primary seed dispersal in a tropical forest
 helene c. muller-landau, s. joseph wright, osvaldo calderón, richard condit and stephen p. hubbell
668Spatio-temporal dynamics and local hotspots of initial recruitment in vertebrate-dispersed trees
 arndt hampe, juan l. garcía-castaño, eugene w. schupp and pedro jordano
679Costs of persistence and the spread of competing seeders and sprouters
 steven i. higgins, olivier flores and frank m. schurr
687Dispersal and demography contributions to population spread of Carduus nutans in its native and invaded ranges
 eelke jongejans, katriona shea, olav skarpaas, dave kelly, andy w. sheppard and tim l. woodburn
Future Directions
698Resource partitioning for soil phosphorus: a hypothesis
 benjamin l. turner
Plant interactions and community assembly
703Importance: an overlooked concept in plant interaction research
 rob w. brooker and zaal kikvidze
709Phylogenetic structure of local communities predicts the size of the regional species pool
 pille gerhold, meelis pärtel, jaan liira, kristjan zobel and andreas prinzing
713Plant functional types do not predict biomass responses to removal and fertilization in Alaskan tussock tundra
 m. syndonia bret-harte, michelle c. mack, gregory r. goldsmith, daniel b. sloan, jennie demarco, gaius r. shaver, peter m. ray, zy biesinger and f. stuart chapin, iii
Plant–soil interactions and below-ground processes
727Tree species identity alters forest litter decomposition through long-term plant and soil interactions in Patagonia, Argentina
 lucía vivanco and amy t. austin
737Endogenous and exogenous controls of root life span, mortality and nitrogen flux in a longleaf pine forest: root branch order predominates
 dali guo, robert j. mitchell, jennifer m. withington, ping-ping fan and joseph j. hendricks
746Rhizobial mediation of Acacia adaptation to soil salinity: evidence of underlying trade-offs and tests of expected patterns
 peter h. thrall, james d. bever and jo f. slattery
756Root competition influences pollen competitive ability in Viola tricolor: effects of presence of a competitor beyond resource availability?
 åsa lankinen
Invasion ecology
766Multi-scale patterns of human activity and the incidence of an exotic forest pathogen
 j. hall cushman and ross k. meentemeyer
777The invasive plant Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) inhibits ectomycorrhizal fungi in its introduced range
 benjamin e. wolfe, vikki l. rodgers, kristina a. stinson and anne pringle
Plant–climate interactions
784Tree species range shifts at a continental scale: new predictive insights from a process-based model
 xavier morin, david viner and isabelle chuine
795Rainfall effects on rare annual plants
 jonathan m. levine, a. kathryn mceachern and clark cowan
Plant population dynamics
807Heterogeneity influences spatial patterns and demographics in forest stands
 stephan getzin, thorsten wiegand, kerstin wiegand and fangliang he
821Evolutionary demography of long-lived monocarpic perennials: a time-lagged integral projection model
 patrick kuss, mark rees, hafdís hanna ægisdóttir, stephen p. ellner and jürg stöcklin
Biological Flora of the British Isles
833Biological Flora of the British Isles: Paris quadrifolia L.
 hans jacquemyn, rein brys and michael j. hutchings

Volume 96 Number 5 September 2008

845Additive partitioning of diversity including species differences: a comment on Hardy & Senterre (2007)
 sébastien villéger and david mouillot
849Interpreting and estimating measures of community phylogenetic structuring
 olivier j. hardy and lou jost
Plant traits and invasion ecology
853Traits of British alien and native urban plants
 ken thompson and michael a. mccarthy
860Trait interactions help explain plant invasion success in the German flora
 eva c. küster, ingolf kühn, helge bruelheide and stefan klotz
869Threat or invasive status in legumes is related to opposite extremes of the same ecological and life-history attributes
 corey j. a. bradshaw, xingli giam, hugh t. w. tan, barry w. brook and navjot s. sodhi
Biodiversity and ecosystem function
884Functional identity is more important than diversity in influencing ecosystem processes in a temperate native grassland
 karel mokany, julian ash and stephen roxburgh
894Sustaining ecosystem services in ancient limestone grassland: importance of major component plants and community composition
 gareth k. phoenix, david johnson, j. philip grime and rosemary e. booth
903Partitioning the effects of biodiversity and environmental heterogeneity for productivity and mortality in a tropical tree plantation
 chrystal healy, nicholas j. gotelli and catherine potvin
Plant species diversity and community interactions
914Testing the spatial phylogenetic structure of local communities: statistical performances of different null models and test statistics on a locally neutral community
 olivier j. hardy
927Unexpectedly high 20th century floristic losses in a rural landscape in northern France
 h. van calster, r. vandenberghe, m. ruysen, k. verheyen, m. hermy and g. decocq
937The relative importance of the species pool, productivity and disturbance in regulating grassland plant species richness: a field experiment
 timothy l. dickson and bryan l. foster
947Environmental variation has stronger effects than plant genotype on competition among plant species
 marc t. j. johnson, russell dinnage, alice y. zhou and mark d. hunter
956Covariation between intraspecific genetic diversity and species diversity within a plant functional group
 tianhua he, byron b. lamont, siegfried l. krauss, neal j. enright and ben p. miller
Plant–animal interactions and chemical ecology
962Volatiles of myrmecophytic Piper plants signal stem tissue damage to inhabiting Pheidole ant-partners
 veronika mayer, daniel schaber and franz hadacek
971Trade-offs between direct and indirect defences of lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus)
 daniel j. ballhorn, stefanie kautz, ulrich lion and martin heil
981Local adaptation to biotic factors: reciprocal transplants of four species associated with aromatic Thymus pulegioides and T. serpyllum
 eva grøndahl and bodil k. ehlers
993Do allelopathic compounds in invasive Solidago canadensis s.l. restrain the native European flora?
 dipti abhilasha, naira quintana, jorge vivanco and jasmin joshi
1002Generalist foraging of pollinators: diet expansion at high density
 colin fontaine, carine l. collin and isabelle dajoz
1011A mechanistic simulation model of seed dispersal by animals
 heidrun will and oliver tackenberg
Plant demography and population dynamics
1023Demography of perennial grassland plants: survival, life expectancy and life span
 william k. lauenroth and peter b. adler
1033Recruitment filters in a perennial grassland: the interactive roles of fire, competitors, moisture and seed availability
 julia zimmermann, steven i. higgins, volker grimm, john hoffmann, tamara münkemüller and anja linstädter
1045Flooding and canopy dynamics shape the demography of a clonal Amazon understorey herb
 matthias schleuning, vicky huamán and diethart matthies
1056Habitat fragmentation and adaptation: a reciprocal replant–transplant experiment among 15 populations of Lychnis flos-cuculi
 gillianne bowman, catherine perret, sophie hoehn, david j. galeuchet and markus fischer
Fungal ecology
1065Colonization and extinction patterns of wood-decaying fungi in a boreal old-growth Picea abies forest
 mari t. jönsson, mattias edman and bengt gunnar jonsson
1076Translocation of nitrogen and carbon integrates biotic crust and grass production in desert grassland
 laura e. green, andrea porras-alfaro and robert l. sinsabaugh
1086Ecogenomics of cleistogamous and chasmogamous flowering: genome-wide gene expression patterns from cross-species microarray analysis in Cardamine kokaiensis (Brassicaceae)
 shin-ichi morinaga, atsushi j. nagano, saori miyazaki, minoru kubo, taku demura, hiroo fukuda, satoki sakai and mitsuyasu hasebe
Biological Flora of the British Isles
1098Biological Flora of the British Isles: Primula elatior (L.) Hill
 kenneth taylor and stanley r. j. woodell

Volume 96 Number 6 November 2008

Dispersal and species distributions
1117Glacial refugia of temperate trees in Europe: insights from species distribution modelling
 jens-christian svenning, signe normand and masa kageyama
1128Spatial patterns of recruitment in Mediterranean plant species: linking the fate of seeds, seedlings and saplings in heterogeneous landscapes at different scales
 lorena gómez-aparicio
1141Species–area relationship: separating the effects of species abundance and spatial distribution
 even tjørve, william e. kunin, chiara polce and kathleen m. calf tjørve
Invasion ecology
1152Local escape of an invasive plant, common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.), from above-ground and below-ground enemies in its native area
 james mackay and peter m. kotanen
1162Differences in plasticity between invasive and native plants from a low resource environment
 jennifer l. funk
1174Context dependent effects of plant species and functional group loss on vegetation invasibility across an island area gradient
 david a. wardle, anna lagerström and marie-charlotte nilsson
1187Field-based competitive impacts between invaders and natives at varying resource supply
 john l. maron and marilyn marler
Plant population and community dynamics
1198Relative frequency of sympatric species influences rates of interspecific hybridization, seed production and seedling performance in the uncommon Eucalyptus aggregata
 david l. field, david j. ayre, robert j. whelan and andrew g. young
1211Biomass allocation and leaf life span in relation to light interception by tropical forest plants during the first years of secondary succession
 n. galia selaya, roelof j. oomen, jordie j. c. netten, marinus j. a. werger and niels p. r. anten
1222Phenology of fine roots and leaves in forest and grassland
 diego f. steinaker and scott d. wilson
1230Desert shrubs have negative or neutral effects on annuals at two levels of water availability in arid lands of South Australia
 james t. weedon and josé m. facelli
1238Topographic controls on the leaf area index and plant functional type of a tundra ecosystem
 luke spadavecchia, mathew williams, robert bell, paul c. stoy, brian huntley and mark t. van wijk
Plant development and life-history traits
1252Linkage between water stress tolerance and life history type in seedlings of nine chaparral species (Rhamnaceae)
 r. b. pratt, a. l. jacobsen, r. mohla, f. w. ewers and s. d. davis
1266Forum: The LEDA Traitbase: a database of life-history traits of the Northwest European flora
 m. kleyer, r.m. bekker, i.c. knevel, j.p. bakker, k. thompson, m. sonnenschein, p. poschlod, j.m. van groenendael, l. klimeš, j. klimešová, s. klotz, g.m. rusch, m. hermy, d. adriaens, g. boedeltje, b. bossuyt, a. dannemann, p. endels, l. götzenberger, j.g. hodgson, a-k. jackel, i. kühn, d. kunzmann, w.a. ozinga, c. römermann, m. stadler, j. schlegelmilch, h.j. steendam, o. tackenberg, b. wilmann, j.h.c. cornelissen, o. eriksson, e. garnier and b. peco
Plant–climate interactions
1275Regional tree line dynamics in response to global change in the Pyrenees
 enric batllori and emilia gutiérrez
1289How well do first flowering dates measure plant responses to climate change? The effects of population size and sampling frequency
 abraham j. miller-rushing, david w. inouye and richard b. primack
1297Trade-offs in resource allocation among moss species control decomposition in boreal peatlands
 merritt r. turetsky, susan e. crow, robert j. evans, dale h. vitt and r. kelman wieder
Ecological genetics
1306Differential performance of reciprocal hybrids in multiple environments
 sarah kimball, diane r. campbell and carrie lessin
Reproductive ecology
1319Environmental sex determination in ferns: effects of nutrient availability and individual density in Woodwardia radicans
 lucía desoto, luis g. quintanilla and marcos méndez
1328Thanks to referees