Table S1. Genetic diversity parameters for seven nuclear microsatellites in the black poplar study population (modified after Rathmacher et  al. 2009b).Table S2. Estimates of within-plot pollen dispersal kernels obtained using the simplified mating model (CM) and point-pattern analysis (PP) on different paternity assignment outputs from CERVUS software, based on different assumed number of candidate fathers (NCF), confidence level (α), and typing error rate (e).Figure S1. Correction of the small bias in mark correlation function for small scales r smaller than the bandwidth h = 100 m of the empirical kernel estimate.

Figure S2. Relationship between number of mother–father pairs in a given distance interval and the width of the simulation envelope.Figure S3. Same as Fig.  4a,b but using a bin of 500 m and bandwidth of 500 m.As a service to our authors and readers, this journal provides supporting information supplied by the authors. Such materials may be re-organized for online delivery, but are not copy-edited or typeset. Technical support issues arising from supporting information (other than missing files) should be addressed to the authors.

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