This article corrects:

  1. Variation in gene expression of Andropogon gerardii in response to altered environmental conditions associated with climate change Volume 98, Issue 2, 374–383, Article first published online: 24 December 2009

In the paper by Buswell, Moles & Hartley (2011) the percentage changes in trait value reported were incorrect. The authors have revised their analysis and the correct values are as follows.

  •  The largest change was an increase in leaf area of 216% per 100 years in Veronica arvensis.
  •  The largest change in plant height was a decrease of 64% per 100 years in Facelis retusa, followed by a 60% decrease in Trifolium glomeratum.
  •  The largest change in leaf area was an increase of 216% per 100 years in Veronica arvensis, followed by a decrease of 65% per 100 years in Cicendia quadrangularis.
  •  The largest change in the ratio of leaf width to leaf length was a 21% decrease in Gamochaeta americana, followed by a 20% increase in Geranium molle.
  • Euphorbia peplus showed a decrease in leaf mass per area of 37% per 100 years.
  •  The revised analysis requires an update to the data presented in Fig. 2 (see below).
Figure 2.

 Frequency histograms of percentage change per 100 years for each species in height, leaf shape, leaf area, and leaf mass per unit leaf area (LMA). Dark shades represent significant results, while light shades represent non-significant results. Significant results in analyses across all plants for a species are shown in black; significant results within region are shown in dark grey; non-significant results across all plants for a species are shown in light grey, and non-significant results for analyses within a region are shown in white.