The Geneva Conferences and the emergence of the International Network for Person-centered Medicine


  • Juan E. Mezzich MD PhD

    1. President, International Network for Person-centered Medicine, President 2005–2008, World Psychiatric Association, Professor of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University, New York, USA
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  • From the Second Geneva Conference on Person Centered Medicine. Person-Centered Medicine: From Concepts to Practice

Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York University, Fifth Avenue & 100th Street Box 1093 New York, NY 10029 USA E-mail:


The yearly Geneva Conferences on Person-centered Medicine started in May 2008 as a collaborative effort of global medical and health organizations and committed clinicians and scholars to place the whole person at the centre of medicine and health care. They were informed by the traditions of great ancient civilizations and recent developments in clinical care and public health. The process of the Geneva Conferences led to the development of the International Network for Person-centered Medicine as a non-for-profit institution aimed at organizing future editions of the Geneva Conference and building person-centred medicine as a paradigmatic repriorizing of the medical and health fields in collaboration inter alia with the World Medical Association, the World Health Organization and the World Organization of Family Doctors.