• attitude;
  • clinical practice guidelines;
  • health care professionals;
  • opinion and practice


Rationale, aims and objectives  To explore the opinion and practice of the health care providers in King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH) towards clinical practice guidelines (CPGs).

Methods  A cross-sectional self-reported anonymous survey was distributed to 2225 health care professionals working in KKUH clinical departments.

Results  The response rate was 56.5%. The respondents had a positive attitude towards CPGs; 90% thought that CPG unify patients' care and 96% agreed that CPGs improve the quality of services provided. The respondents' practice in using CPGs concurred with their attitude and opinion. A total of 86.3% agreed that CPGs changed the way they manage their patients and 71.8% agreed with the statement that they have already used CPGs in the management of the patients. Compared to nurses, physicians were significantly less likely to use CPGs in practice (P < 0.05); moreover, the practice of using guidelines differs significantly according to the years of experience, with 71% of respondents with experience of 15 years or more using CPGs in the management of their patients, compared to 60% among respondents with less years of experience (P < 0.05).

Conclusion  The health care providers at KKUH have positive practice and attitude towards CPGs in general, which could positively influence the future introduction and implementation of evidence-based CPGs.