jfd1406-sup-0001-FigureS1-S2-TableS1.docxWord document125KFigure S1. Multiple sequence alignment of compound repeat sequence of two WSSV isolates (CM7.8 and 44A-11) from Ca Mau province with ORF75-forward and reverse primers. Figure S2. World map of different WSSV identified from Vietnam and other countries based on VNTRs markers (Wongteerasupaya et al. 2003; Hoa et al. 2005; Musthaq et al. 2006; Waikhom et al. 2006; Pradeep et al. 2008b; Muller et al. 2010 and referenced WSSV in GenBank). Table S1. Comparison of single nucleotide polymorphism at the nucleotide position 48 of the 54 bp RUs of ORF94 among geographical WSSV isolates

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