• alcohol;
  • extrinsic sugars;
  • food frequency questionnaire;
  • non-starch polysaccharides;
  • starch;
  • weighed intakes

A newly developed food frequency questionnaire designed to estimate habitual intake of non-starch polysaccharide (NSP), intrinsic and extrinsic sugars, starch and alcohol was compared with 4-d weighed records using the semi-automatic Petra system in 154 subjects, men aged 40–69 years and women aged 25–69 years. There was no statistical difference between the two methods for average intake of NSP (soluble and insoluble) intrinsic sugar and Vitamin C. Where a significant difference did occur, notably in extrinsic sugar and starch, it did not exceed 12%, the food frequency questionnaire giving the higher result. With most food components, 4547% were classified in the same tertile and only 54% of subjects were classified in opposite tertiles by the two methods. We conclude that this questionnaire is a valid method of assessing habitual intake of these food components in large groups of subjects.