• dietary advice;
  • dietary fat;
  • gall-bladder;
  • gall-stones

This paper presents the results obtained from 87 questionnaires completed by dietitians about the dietary management of gall-biadder disease. Of the patients referred to the dietitians, 86% were referred by surgeons. Of the dietitians that responded 77% thought that there was a role for low fat diets in the management of these patients; 92% would advise a low fat diet to help avoid pain, and 11% would advise a low fat diet to patients with gall-bladder disease who did not have pain, steatorrhoea or obesity.

The paper reviews the available evidence concerning the effect of dietary fat on the gall-bladder; it is concluded that, at present, there is little data to support the therapeutic use of a low fat diet for individuals with gall-stones.