Nutrient intake and growth in preschool children. II. Intake of minerals and vitamins



Between May 1988 and April 1990, the nutrient intake of 153 pre-school children from Edinburgh aged 2–5 years was assessed using the 7-d weighed inventory method. Fifty-four children were studied twice at an interval of 12 months. Results for the intake of minerals and vitamins are presented, by age and gender, and related to Dietary Reference Values (DoH, 1991).

The mineral and vitamin intake of pre-school children varied considerably. A minority of children were found to have very low intakes of iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C relative to dietary reference values, and all children had low dietary intakes of vitamin D. Intake of these nutrients was not related to rate of growth. However, strong positive relationships were found for intake of nutrients during the initial and repeat surveys of children studied twice, suggesting that poor nutrient intakes persist.