Lack of association of migraine with coronary vasospasm


Medizinische Klinik I, Universität München, Klinikum Grosshadern, Marchionini Strasse 15, 8000 München 70, Germany.


Abstract. Previous reports have found an association between coronary vasospasm and migraine. It has been speculated that migraine and variant angina might be manifestations of a generalized vasospastic disorder. To investigate this hypothesis, 74 patients with frequent attacks of migraine were studied using 24-h continuous ambulatory electrocardiography to identify the presence of coronary vasospasm. Control groups consisted of 19 patients with tension headaches, and 38 healthy individuals. All subjects were free of heart disease. One patient in the migraine group and one patient in the control group had symptomless episodes of ST-segment depression not indicative of coronary vasospasm. Our data do not support the hypothesis that migraine and variant angina are components of a generalized vasospastic disorder.