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Is medical ethics doing its job? M. G. Hansson & R. Chadwick 
Part I: Should ideology be allowed to trump patient well-being?370–382
Viewpoint: Interests, rights, and standards of care in the context of globalized medicine H. Haker 
Viewpoint: How to avoid a dichotomy between autonomy and beneficence: from liberalism to communitarianism and beyond M. Sutrop 
Commentary: Autonomy revisited – a response to H. Haker A. V. Campbell 
Part II: The (mis)use of informed consent in medical research383–391
Viewpoint: Why our conceptions of research and practice may not serve the best interest of patients and subjects T. L. Beauchamp 
Commentary: The distinction between research and practice – a response to T. Beauchamp M. F. Verweij 
Part III: Ethical review boards: Important ethical safeguards or over-burdensome and unnecessary bureaucracy?392–405
Viewpoint: Are the research ethics committees working in the best interests of participants in an increasingly globalised research environment? D. Chalmers 
Viewpoint: A method to estimate the cost in lives of ethics board review of biomedical research S. N. Whitney & C. E. Schneider 
Commentary: Systems, rules and the costs of being ethical – a response to D. Chalmers and to S. Whitney and C. Schneider S. Holm