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Translational and systems medicine J. Nielsen108–110
Systems cancer medicine: towards realization of predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (P4) medicine Q. Tian, N. D. Price & L. Hood111–121
A vision for a biomedical cloud R. L. Grossman & K. P. White122–130
Using the reconstructed genome-scale human metabolic network to study physiology and pathology A. Bordbar & B. O. Palsson131–141
Systems medicine and metabolic modelling A. Mardinoglu & J. Nielsen142–154
Predictive mathematical models of cancer signalling pathways J. Bachmann, A. Raue, M. Schilling, V. Becker, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller155–165
Kinetic studies to investigate lipoprotein metabolism J. Borén, M.-R. Taskinen & M. Adiels166–173