Symposium: COGS International Scientific Seminar


Introduction: Current knowledge and tomorrows challenges of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer genetics
P. Hall
Prevention of breast cancer in the context of a national breast screening programme
A. Howell, S. Astley, J. Warwick, P. Stavrinos, S. Sahin, S. Ingham, H. McBurney, B. Eckersley, M. Harvie, M. Wilso, U. Beetles, R. Warren, A. Hufton, J. Sergeant, W. Newman, I. Buchan, J. Cuzick & D. G. Evans
Unravelling modifiers of breast and ovarian cancer risk for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers: update on genetic modifiers
D. R. Barnes & A. C. Antoniou
Utility of Genome-Wide Association Study findings: prostate cancer as a translational research paradigm
A. R. Turner, A. K. Kader & J. Xu
Genetic variants associated with predisposition to prostate cancer and potential clinical implications
C. L. Goh, F. R. Schumacher, D. Easton, K. Muir, B. Henderson, Z. Kote-Jarai & R. A. Eeles
Role of common genetic variants in ovarian cancer susceptibility and outcome: progress to date from the ovarian cancer association consortium (OCAC)
K. L. Bolton, C. Ganda, A. Berchuck, P. D.P. Pharaoh & S. A. Gayther
Resolving the variable genome and epigenome in human disease
J. C. Knight