Appendix S1. Quantification and visualization of anisotropy in trabecular bone. VRML is a widely used 3D graphics file format, and there are a number of freely available applications and browser plug-ins that can be used to view them. A list of these is available at Note that these files have not been tested with all available viewers and older viewers may not be compatible. Furthermore, not all viewers render in exactly the same way, and they all vary significantly in the interactive commands and tool sets they provide. For viewing 3D rose diagrams, all that is required is a ?rotate? or ?spin? mode. Programs that are currently available and have been verified with these files are: VRMLView - stand-alone application for Windows, Linux and SGI Irix. Pivoron Player 1.0 - Windows browser plug-in. Cortona - browser plug-in for Windows and Macintosh. http://www/ One idiosyncrasy of the Mac OS X version of Cortona is that Internet Explorer will clalim it does not know what to do with a VRML file unless you go into ?Preferences? and then click on ?File Helpers?. You do not have to do anything, just look at it and click ?OK?. If you quit and re-start Explorer, you have to do it again. The files provided here are: ppc_sld.wrl, SLD for specimen PP-c. ppc_svd.wrl, SVD for specimen PP-c (Fig. 3c). ppk_mil_ds.wrl, MIL for specimen PP-k, using dense sampling (Fig. 3e). ppk_mil_gr.wrl, MIL for specimen PP-k, using graphics sampling (Fig. 3f). ppk_sld.wrl, SLD for specimen PP-k (Fig. 3d). ppk_svd.wrl, SVD for specimen PP-k (Figs 3a, b).

JMI_1277_sm_ppc_sld.wrl192KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppc_svd.wrl192KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppk_mil_ds.wrl192KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppk_mil_gr.wrl192KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppk_sld.wrl192KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppk_svd.mov2591KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppk-svd.mov2591KSupporting info item
JMI_1277_sm_ppk_svd.wrl192KSupporting info item

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