A general variance predictor for Cavalieri slices



    1. Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computation, Faculty of Sciences, University of Cantabria, Avda. Los Castros s/n, E-39005 Santander, Spain
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L. M. Cruz-Orive. Tel.: +34 942 20 14 24; fax: +34 942 20 14 02; e-mail: lcruz@matesco.unican.es


A general variance predictor is presented for a Cavalieri design with slices of an arbitrary thickness t ≥ 0. So far, prediction formulae have been available either for measurement functions with smoothness constant q = 0, 1, … , and t ≥ 0, or for fractional q ∈ [0, 1] with t = 0. Because the possibility of using a fractional q adds flexibility to the variance prediction, we have extended the latter for any q ∈ [0, 1] and t ≥ 0. Empirical checks with previously published human brain data suggest an improved performance of the new prediction formula with respect to the hitherto available ones.