Non-destructive and quantitative imaging of a nano-structured microchip by ptychographic hard X-ray scanning microscopy


Andreas Schropp, Institute of Structural Physics, Technische Universität Dresden, D-01062 Dresden, Germany. Tel.: +49(0)351 463 37589; fax: +49(0)351 463 37048; e-mail:


We used hard X-ray scanning microscopy with ptychographic coherent diffraction contrast to image a front-end processed passivated microchip fabricated in 80 nm technology. No sample preparation was needed to image buried interconnects and contact layers with a spatial resolution of slightly better than 40 nm. The phase shift in the sample is obtained quantitatively. With the additional knowledge of the elemental composition determined in parallel by X-ray fluorescence mapping, quantitative information about specific nanostructures is obtained. A significant enhancement in signal-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution is achieved compared to conventional hard X-ray scanning microscopy.