Retro-fitting an older (S)TEM with two Cs aberration correctors for 80 kV and 60 kV operation


Mark H. Rümmeli, IFW Dresden, PF 27 01 16, 01171 Dresden, Germany. Tel: +49 (0)351 4659–510; fax: +49 (0)351 4659–313; e-mail:


For the characterization of light materials using transmission electron microscopy, a low electron acceleration voltage of 80 kV or even 60 kV is attractive due to reduced beam damage to the specimen. The concomitant reduction in resolving power of the microscope can be restored when using spherical aberration (Cs) correctors, which for the most part are only available in the latest and most expensive microscopes. Here, we show that upgrading of existing TEMs is an attractive and cost-effective alternative. We report on the low-voltage performance on graphitic material of a JEOL JEM-2010F built in the early 1990s and retro-fitted with a conventional imaging Cs corrector and a probe Cs corrector. The performance data show Cs retro-fitted instruments can compete very favourably against more modern state-of-the-art instruments in both conventional imaging (TEM) and scanning (STEM) modes.