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Nurses’ perceptions of hospital work environments


Linda McGillis Hall
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON


Aim  To examine factors within the nursing work environment that may affect nurse outcomes.

Background  Primary data were acquired from unit managers and staff nurses on the study units. Secondary data were collected from health records administrative databases. The sample included adult medical and surgical units within all 19 teaching hospitals in Ontario, Canada.

Methods  A cross-sectional study design was employed in this study. A random sampling process was used to recruit the number of nurses (n = 1,116) required to provide a statistically adequate sample for the survey.

Results  Perceptions of the quality of care at the unit level were found to have a statistically significant positive influence on nurses’ job satisfaction, and a statistically significant negative influence on nurses’ job pressure and job threat.

Conclusions  The results of this study underscore the importance of examining the environment in which nurses’ work as a potential factor that influences outcomes experienced by patients and nurses.