Nurse executive director effectiveness: a systematic review of the literature


Helen Kirk
Independent Nurse Consultant
HK Consulting
14 The Crescent
Mottram St Andrew
Cheshire SK10 4QW


Aim  This report systematically reviews studies of nurse executive director effectiveness to identify recurring themes that might inform current practice and future research.

Background  Increasing competition in healthcare markets is increasing the demands on nurse executive directors. There is a need to identify factors that contribute to effectiveness in the role so that these can be developed and effectiveness improved.

Evaluation  Reports were identified using electronic databases, an internet search and review of references in all reports initially identified. The methodology of these reports was reviewed and recurring themes were identified.

Key issues  Ten themes that might be associated with nurse executive director effectiveness emerged from the review.

Conclusions  The literature relating to nurse executive director effectiveness is limited but there are sufficient recurring themes to inform current practice and to investigate in new research.