Nursing leaders of tomorrow: a peer selection process


  • Written in memory of the late Ilan Fisher, the organizational consultant who accompanied us in the process.

Revital Zelker
Hadassah Medical Organization
Kiryat Hadassah
POB 12000
Jerusalem 91120


Aims  This paper describes a case presentation of a process for using peer evaluation to identify and select new nursing leaders in hospital settings.

Background  A reliable method for identifying emerging leaders has yet to be defined. Often, it is based only on managerial observation and evaluation, and does not involve staff opinion.

Methods  We developed a three-tiered selection process consisting of: confidential peer voting, head nurse recommendations and a personal interview.

Results  Forty-three potential leaders were enrolled in our leadership training workshop. Twelve graduates of this workshop were chosen to fill leadership positions in the hospital.

Conclusions  Peer recognition of potential nursing leaders might serve as a critical component in the process of selecting future nursing leaders.

Implications for nursing management  Combining peer evaluation with structured leadership selection may be beneficial for the early recognition of future nursing leaders. This approach is not commonly used in the leader identification and selection process. It may contribute to a sense of trust between management and staff, and promote transparency as well as legitimacy in the selection process.