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Supervisor experiences of supervising nursing staff in the care of older people


Susanne Eriksson
Mälardalen University
Department of Caring and Public Health Sciences
Box 325
631 05 Eskilstuna


Aim  To describe supervisors’ experiences of supervising nursing staff who care for older people in order to develop an understanding of the opportunities and limitations involved in supervision.

Background  Little is known of what group supervision of nursing staff means for the supervisor, particularly in regards to care of the old.

Methods  A reflective life-world research approach, based upon phenomenological epistemonology was used. Two supervisors with 2 years experience of supervising nursing staff caring for older people were interviewed.

Conclusions  Results point to the need for support for supervisors in order to enable them to develop their supervisory abilities and skills.

Implications for nursing management  Support is of crucial importance for both the ability to supervise and the quality of supervision.