Nurse entrepreneurs’ attitudes to management, their adoption of the manager’s role and managerial assertiveness


Merja Sankelo
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
Koskenalantie 16
Seinäjoki 60220


Aim  This study explores the attitudes of Finnish nurse entrepreneurs to management, their adoption of the manager’s role, managerial assertiveness, development and training needs in management and associated factors.

Methods  The research was conducted as part of a questionnaire survey among 335 entrepreneurs with different educational backgrounds. The sample for the study reported here consisted of those respondents who had a registered nurse degree. The data were analysed using SPSS statistical software.

Results  Nurse entrepreneurs took a positive attitude towards management, but there were obvious shortcomings in their adoption of the manager’s role. They also showed a lack of managerial assertiveness. Half of the respondents had development needs and one-third had training needs in relation to management.

Conclusions  Nurses who are planning to start up in business should have earlier leadership experience and should attend some form of management training.

Implications for nursing management  The provision of care and nursing services is increasingly taking place in the private sector. This study contributes to our understanding of the managerial role of nurse entrepreneurs in this new environment.